kozmic sound does:

Musicproduction, Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Mischkah Wilke,

Analogue-digital transfers, Tapemachine-alignment and Service

kozmic sound got a great pool of good musicians

Studio Rates:

feel free to talk about your project’s budget, rates and specific needs. Mischkah Wilke: 0177-6 26 89 92

Tape/Media and Other Services

for 24 Tracks:
2″ Tape Hire (6 months) 99 EUR per reel
2″ Tape Buy 287 EUR per reel

for 16 Tracks:
1″ Tape Hire (6 months)    60 EUR per reel
1″ Tape Buy                153 EUR per reel
we use RMGi SM911

for Stereo/ 2 Tracks:
1/4″ Tape Hire (6 months)    7 EUR per reel
1/4″ Tape Buy                30 EUR per reel
we use RMG/EMTEC PER528

Prices above count for new or nearly new tapes.
If this is to expensive for you, i have used tape as well that you can use while you record.

kozmic sound RECORDING AGREEMENT.pdf

this is how we do