2x RFT CM-7151 Bottlemic
1x RFT CM-7151 Bottlemic with Neumann M50 circuit **
1x Neumann-Gefell CMV-563
3x Neumann Gefell M582
1x Neumann Gefell UM70
2x Neumann Gefell MV692
1x Neumann Gefell UM57 **
2x Neumann M7 Capsule
1x M9 Neumann Capsule
1x M55K Neumann Capsule
2x Neumann Gefell M70 Capsule
2x Neumann Gefell M94 Capsule
2x Neumann Gefell M93 Capsule
1x Reissmann MR 50 mod.
1x AKG C424 Stereo-Mic
2x AKG C-1000
1x Rode NT1
1x Rode NT1000 **
and more

2x Coles 4038
2x Beyerdynamic M500
2x china Lollipop Ribbon mod.

2x AKG D12
1x Akg D112
1x AKG D14
5x Sennheiser MD-421
1x Sennheiser MD-441
3x Sennheiser MD-21
1x Shure SM7
4x Shure SM57
2x Shure SM58
1x Shure Unidyne
1x Sennheiser e840
1x Beyerdynamic Opus 99
3x Funkberater MD 30-2
2x Speaker-Mic (Selfmade Subdrum)
Audix OM5
and more

K+H O-92
Yamaha NS10M
Tannoy Reveal
Rft BR25 (Geithain)
feel free to bring your own pair. activ or passiv, we can install them easily

2x AKG K240
6x AKG K141
and more

2x TAB V76 (on request)
Universal Audio Solo 610 (on request)
UAD 610 with optocomp (on request)
3x Siemens Sitral U274
1x RFZ V781 (Stereo)
3x RFZ MV 810-2
2x RFZ MR 811 (like MV810)
3x BFE Filtek V-1170
TLA 5051 Channelstrip **

(on request)
Fender Blues
Fender Hot Rod DeVille
Fender Twin Reverb from 1972
Vox AC30HH Head Amp
Vox 2×12 Alnico Speaker Cab (blue Bulldogs)
Vox AC15 2×12 (blue Bulldogs)
Orange AD30 Twin Channel
Orange 4×12 Cab
Echolette ET4 15″ Cab
Marshall 2×12″ JCM 900 Lead-1936 cab
2x Dynacord Eminent
Dynacord Imperator
Regent 30H
Ashdown 4×10″ Cabinet

(on request)
TS-9 (original)
the Rat
Big Muff
Danelectro Fab Tone
Danelectro Slap Echo
Danelectro Rocky Road
Höfner Analogue Delay **
Korg AX1500G
and many more

Hohner Rhythm 80 Rhythmusgerät

* unfortunately, we can’t guarantee for failure during a session. Their are all old darlings 🙂
** auf Anfrage / on request


EMT 240 Goldfoil-Plate
Dynacord Echocord Super (Echolette NG51)
2x Dynacord Echocord Mini
WEM Copycat
ADR Scamp S24 ADT Timeshift Modul
Fostex 3180
Dynacord DRP-16
Dynacord MAGIC HS (Springrverb)
Yamaha analog delay E-1010
Alesis QuadraVerb
delta systems aural exciter
Vermona PDD 501 Delay
TC-Powercore Card

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube
G-SSL SB4000 Stereo Comp
1176 (custom made)
1176 bluestripe rev A (clone) **
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture **
dbx 160XT
2x dbx 163X
2x DBX 166 (U.S.-Version)
dbx 263X De-esser
dbx 266
dbx 266XL
2x BFE SB3 Limiter
Drawmer Gate DS-201
BBE Sonic Maximizer **
LA Audio GX2 Noise Gate
Alesis 3630 (Trashcomp.)
Fostex 3070 (Trashcomp.)

2x Tegeler Audio CTEQ (Pultec-Style)
3x Neumann w491a EQ
1x Orban 622A Param. EQ
2x RFZ W735 (4x Mono)

1x Telefunken M15A 2″ 24Trks
2x Telefunken M-15A 1/4″
2x Tascam MS-16 1″
1x Tascam TSR-8 (+4dBu/bal) 1/2″
Machinen werden regelmäßig gewartet und eingemessen. (letzte Wartung 12/2013)
Recorders are regularly serviced and aligned. (last maintenance: 12/2013)

Rosendahl WIF
adams smith zeta III

24 In & Out
Cramware A16
Creamware A8
2x MOTU 2408 MkII


D&R TRITON Inline-Console with 32 Channels, floating subgroups (16 Busses), 12 stereo line returns and optional RFZ Transformers

(on request)
Epiphone ES-335
Jolana Graziela Special II
Gibson Melody Maker
Fender Stratocaster

Rickenbacker Bass
Jolana Galaxis Bass

Seiler Uprightpiano
Koch & Korselt Uprightpiano

Framus 5/50
Framus 12String
Ephione Westernguitar
Suzuki Westernguitar

German Upright Bass about 95 years old **

Tromsa Drumkit (60’s)
Sonor Drumkit (70’s) **
Sonor Force 2007 Birch
Wahan Set **
and more

Hohner Pianet T (untuned at the moment)
Kawai ES-1 Stagepiano
Vermona E-Piano
Vermona ET3 Orgel